Mixing Console Demo

Inspired by the nice look of the gauges in Gerrit Grunwald’s blog post Harmonic Code: Building a simple Dashboard using Medusa I felt like trying out how his Medusa gauges library would look like on a Shared Interactive Surface with  TUIOFX. I started from the example in the blog, but quickly added some interactive elements in form of some sliders, to control the gauges. The design of the gauges SlimSkin and the TUIOFX-Widget styling work together quite nicely.

TUIOFX Mixer Example 2 TUIOFX Mixer Example 1

To go a little further, I put together a quick UI mockup for a mixing console. In order to have some sort of knobs as control, I remembered a blog post by Jasper Potts, where he developed a knob skin for the Slider control. While — due to some API changes in JDK 8—his code did not work out of the box, it greatly helped me to quickly come up with an own Knob control implementing custom Skin and Behaviour.

TUIOFX Mixer Example 3

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