Month: May 2016

Novel Multi-User Multi-Touch Interaction Concepts using TUIOFX

In this article, I want to share my experience of adding multi-user multi-touch capabilities to the JavaFX graph editor library developed by TESIS DYNAware. Shared interactive surfaces like tabletops or interactive walls are considered to improve the group collaboration and communication in office and educational settings. Still today, applications for shared interactive surfaces that support productive tasks such as document editing are rare.



Built on top of JavaFX, TUIOFX aims to support the development of multi-touch applications involving multiple co-located users. Therefore the goal of this project is:

  • To investigate on the applicability of TUIOFX for building multi-user multi-touch document editing/authoring applications.
  • To evaluate two novel interaction techniques that aim at reducing multi-user interaction conflicts.

As a document editing tool I chose to build a simple graph editor for UML class diagram using TUIOFX and this JavaFX graph editor library.


TUIOFX’s Task-Based Focus Concept presented at CHI 2016

We are presenting a poster on some of the novel and unique concepts behind TUIOFX at the leading HCI conference, the  CHI 2016 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in San Jose, USA.

Fetter, M., Bimamisa, D. and Gross, T. Task-Based Focus and AdHoc-Focus-Territory—Novel Concepts for Shared Interactive Surfaces. In Extended Abstracts of the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems – CHI 2016 (May 7-12, San Jose, CA, USA). ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, 2016. pp. 1193-1200.  (Read it here!)